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June 01, 2010

Fugly to Fab!

So Attack of the Craft (a forum for crafters which is pretty cool so far) is doing a cool contest. It's Turn Fugly into Fabulous! You have to go to the thrift store and find something fugly... the fuglier the better! Then you turn it into something fabulous! It has to be a new item fresh from the thrift store! Bonus points are awarded if you can transform it into something it was not intended for! The use the example of a shirt into a lampshade! Not DIY shirt into a hoodie!

So I though oohhh this sounds fun! Went to the thrift store today got a few things I wanted to pick up anyways and got my fugly item. I don't know if it's really fugly but it's totally gay and pretty pointless I can't see any of my friends thinking ooh that's cool! I spent $4 on my fugly at the thrift store.. then I spent $1 on something to doll it up! and I had the other few things I decided to use.... it cost me less than $3.. so the total out of pocket for my item was less than $8!

I'm pretty excited about it I just hope it comes out looking as cool as it does in my head! I was bummed 1 thing I wanted to find for it they didn't have :( One of those T-shit buckles form the late 80s early 90s (like pic below)! So I will have to figure something else out! :(

Stay tuned for my awesome fugly to fab entry I'm working on it tonight!