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June 16, 2010


Well Sunday the craft show picked up a little.... I ended up missing my goal by only $25. That was pretty cool. I wish I would have done better than my goal! It is what it is though.

I'll probably do the same show next month but this time instead of a 10X10 I'll just get a 6 foot table and bring just my hair stuff.

I really need to get some sales! I do have a few things in my Etsy. I just need to sell them! So I have to work on whoring my Etsy and getting some sales! After I get some feedback people will feel better about buying from me!

There's a college course I really want to take.. well a few of them.. but I have to take 1 at a time. I want to take between 3-5 classes.

Sometimes I just get flustered.. I work my butt off to make this work.

I even just went to the fabric store and bought a TON of fabric to practice some new ideas floating around my head.

Plus look at this face how could you not want to buy something from me... help feed my baby! :)

On the plus side I did meet some cool vendors! Nice people who did cool stuff. One girl I met made me a light switch things for my sewing room!

Isn't it cool?! She made it for me custom! Pink black and stars! :) You could have her make you 1 too! She does all the sports teams also! To see her website click here!

That's about it for now!