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May 31, 2010

Well then

It's been a long time since I blogged but I figure it's time to start blogging again. I kinda miss it...I hope I won;t suck at it but hey it should work like riding a bike right?

I just wanted to be able to share some of my ideas, plans, projects, stuff I make for myself or Kayden or Grace! Some inspirations... maybe some other cool peoples stuff that I think is rad or wish I could make it!

I might offer sales or something... lol.. I don't know really! and probably just some random talk. :)

That;s really about all I want to talk about at this exact moment... I want to go smoke then read a book and go to sleep!

Have to work on getting my website updated this week and that is going to take some WORK! sigh.... I guess it will be all worth it if sales start coming in off my website though right?!

TaTa kids!