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December 27, 2010

A quickie

A quick post for a quick project! We have a bathroom in our bedroom and the shower ha a window. When the dun come up it shines it right in your face and wakes you up!

That is no fun at 5AM! When we forget to shut the door before bed its a grumpy morning for whoever wake up to the blinding sun!

I have TONS of fabric you know... o I decided I would make some curtains. I got the rod at Big Lots for $2.50, and I had the fabric that I got for something like $.80 a yard.

I measured my window it was about 42 inches so I decided to make the curtain 88 inches long.

I then measured the width and added 3 inches for the bottom hem and the top. I made a small 1/4" hem at the bottom and at the top I folded it over about 1/4" and then about 1.5 or 2 inches to fit the small rod.

The whole thing took about 30 mins and now we don't have to remember to shut the door or go blind1

Total cost: $3.20
December 23, 2010

Hello blog friends!

WOW! Sorry.. I sure tend to go missing a lot! I spend so much time reading other awesome blogs that I forget to update my own! I probably follow 100 blogs!

I just love all the awesome creative stuff I can find in blog land! From refinishing furniture to sewing to thrift store resellers.

I used my Netflix to watch American Pickers.. Hello that show is awesome! I also watch Pawn Stars and Storage Wars.. I really love Storage Wars! haha.

Anyways scroll down and see my thrift store chair and trinket box before pictures. Thanks to all these blogs I decided I could fix them up.

So here is the big reveal! I hope you like! First up the trinket box.

I lined the 2 little dwoor with some cool scrap book paper I found at Hobby Lobby. I might also add though I love to finish things with Mod Podge I hate gluing paper with it because of all the ripples! :(

I did a little sanding to rough it up and even out a few things.. but for the most part I used primer and krylon spray paint!

Next up is my new sewing chair. The other one i had REALLY hurt my back. It was cheap and plastic. This one I can actually use my lumbar support on! As soon as I find some nice thick foam for cheap I will make a cushion to save my butt!

That's it for now! Enjoy. I will post again soon... really this time. Wait don't I say that every time?

My goal for 2011 is to really blog more!