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January 27, 2011

My Angry Girl Corset

I thought I would show off something great today. I got my Angry Girl Gear corset today. To see it on a hot model or to buy your own click here!

I love the corset. It is made so well I don't think it will fall apart anytime soon! The lines are straight and perfect! I was only a little sad because it wasn't as long as I asked and for that reason I can't move in it often without showing my gut to everyone. :( But my friend won the contest that I made him enter and it was free! So hell yea! Beautiful clothing for free!!

Here are pics of front and back!

Great right! :)

Also I thought I would say that my goal for 2010 is more DIY stuff. I want to make 1 sewed items and week and 1 crafted item a week! That is 52 of each.. here are some cute little buttons to show you where I am at right now!

So I would recommend buying Angry Girl Gear!! I also need to get some more sewing and crafting done!
January 24, 2011


Whew I have been busy.. not crafting though :( Well that is sort of a lie.. I make about 25 hair flowers a week. Just busy with normal life.

Weekends I am at the SwapSmart! This passed Sat I got off and tried on dresses for my sisters wedding for 2 hours! We did pick one and it is very pretty. Mine is ordered and now I need some red shoes!

Though after putting half down on my dress I am poor! :(

Starting now I will be watching my friends daughter while shes at work along with my son. She's going to be 5 soon so thats cool.

Anyways here are the newest aprons in my Etsy!

January 14, 2011

I'm sleepy

I live in chaos! My house is always a mess I am always a mess and my husband is always mad his clothes aren't clean. So this week I have been picking 1 thing (well at least 1 thing) everyday and cleaning it. I am feeling a lot better already because the house is really coming along.

Now if there was some sort or laundry fairy that would be the best!

Yea... well that's my talking for to days blog... here are some Xmas gifts I made.. now that everyone has their gifts I can post pics!!

My big sister and her fiance got stocking with their names embroidered on them!

Along with these super cute embroidered cop and nurse skulls! I cut them out and turned them into ornaments but I do NOT have a picture of that :(

My mom got this amazing apron in pink and brown! It has a flower, ribbon, and button on it.. cuz her business name is Wholesale Flowers Ribbons and Buttons! :) Get it? The button is supposed to look like a glitter dot that we sell but MUCH larger so you can see it. I made it out of a vnyl record that I heated up cut and glittered!

My little sister got some awesome towels! Oh yea! She's moving out soon so she needs something to get dry with!

These are Kayden's towels.. Sponge Bob! :) He did not get them for Xmas though.. hes had them for a while now!

I also made 6 blankets for family and a full Elvis apron for my grandma! I don't have pics of those... sorry. :(
January 04, 2011

Well Hello there!

Hi all you people I wish would read my blog!

I just wanted to post some of my goals for 2011.

1. Grow KMD and make some money!
2. Help my mom grow WFRB supplies!
3. Lose 40 pounds by September!

I will save everyone from dull posts about stuff but I will make sure to keep people up to date!

I got some aprons done this week and have them posted in my Etsy shop! WOO HOO!

Also here are some cool finds from the thrift store. I will post afters when I get something done with them!

The back has 10 light switch covers in it. I think that will be pretty fun. THis mini shelf! Each of them were 1/2 off!

Mini vintage serving tray, and this package... it has some sort of vinyl things in it but it also had 2 things of powdered Mod Podge.. YAY!

This is my FAV thing... and autographed AC Green pic... how awesome is that? I love the Suns and 90s Suns were so fab! My dad is jealous.

Then finally.... the paint on this is I don't know.. it's REALLY ugly but kinda looks like a bathroom I think haha. I just had to get it though.. I could see all the potential and I LOVE LOVE boxes. I collect them!