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June 23, 2010

I have a problem!

I am addicted to fabric!

Fabric, sheets, pillowcases, `fabric and fabric and fabric!

I can't stop either.. I just keep buying more and more and more. Here is 1 pic... of just cottons... but I have about double what you see it just didn't fit! This is cotton that is 1 yard or more.

I have other shelves full of fleece, flannel, chenille, satin, fake fur, remnants, a huge box of tulle, and a shelf full of random things like knits, terry cloth.. ext.

I know! I just can't stop! I see it on sale so I buy it... I think it's alright. Fabrics get discontinued all the time so I would rather have it than not have it!

Anyways.. last night I went to cut out this pattern I had drawn up for a dress.. it was going to be the prettiest dress you ever saw! I was tired though... so I totally messed up the cut whoops! I'm gonna turn it into a skirt and it will either be the ugliest or coolest skirt you have ever seen!

Kayden is walking! :) It's so amazing! He's getting way too big! His 1st Bday is in a month.... isn't that crazy?!

Well I am off to the thrift store... have to get something to hid the ugly spot of carpet my cats insist they pee on! :(
June 18, 2010

Been a busy girl

Well I try and stay busy! Do at least 1 craft thing a day.... still trying to get some sales... gotta start making some money!

I have a few new things up in Etsy.. and I made a few cute things today that I didn't post yet. So I will share them here first!

I am totally into that vintage look right now... if it looks vintage I like it! SO I made some accessory sets! :)

They are cute right? Earings and a hair bobby pin!

So hurry and message me to buy them! :)
June 16, 2010


Well Sunday the craft show picked up a little.... I ended up missing my goal by only $25. That was pretty cool. I wish I would have done better than my goal! It is what it is though.

I'll probably do the same show next month but this time instead of a 10X10 I'll just get a 6 foot table and bring just my hair stuff.

I really need to get some sales! I do have a few things in my Etsy. I just need to sell them! So I have to work on whoring my Etsy and getting some sales! After I get some feedback people will feel better about buying from me!

There's a college course I really want to take.. well a few of them.. but I have to take 1 at a time. I want to take between 3-5 classes.

Sometimes I just get flustered.. I work my butt off to make this work.

I even just went to the fabric store and bought a TON of fabric to practice some new ideas floating around my head.

Plus look at this face how could you not want to buy something from me... help feed my baby! :)

On the plus side I did meet some cool vendors! Nice people who did cool stuff. One girl I met made me a light switch things for my sewing room!

Isn't it cool?! She made it for me custom! Pink black and stars! :) You could have her make you 1 too! She does all the sports teams also! To see her website click here!

That's about it for now!
June 12, 2010

Craft Show

I'm doing a craft show this weekend... and when let me tell you.. IT SUCKS. There are TONS of people coming in but they aren't buying. The worst part is there is probably about 10 people there with hair bows or flowers... Sometimes I wish shows would care about the people not just the booth fee.

It's annoying when there are so many of the same vendor there. Makes you not want to come back.

Not making any money also makes you not want to come back.

Technically I am i the red. I had some money but not enough to cover my booth fee and my supplies.

Fall/winter can't come soon enough! When there will be some good shows.

I guess I need to get to the drawing board! Figure out something I can make that is unique.

Wish me luck on tomorrow! I'll be there 8 hours!

Also I totally got some items listed in my Etsy. Fianlly!
June 10, 2010

My Grandma

So I made a just because I love you gift for my grandma. I was talking to Robert the other day about all the sewing and crafts I used to do with my grandma. She is the most amazing grandma! She is the one who taught me how to sew!

She always let me pick out the fabric even if it wasn't the best choice for my project! She always helped my creativity!

Some of the sewing projects we made together.. a bean bag frog, an open back shirt for Mel (whoops I chose totally sea through fabric!), a yellow halter top for me, a wrap skirt (that I insisted I use sponge Bob flannel on), a paper organizer it held paper pens all kinds of good stuff, a baby doll blanket, and there was more I just can't remember!

We did lots of fun crafts too! Made all sorts of things to make a little girl happy! She took me to Creative Memories classes forever ago to teach me how to scrapbook! Not to mention Peter Piper Pizza! MMMM!

Well my grandma loves lots of things.... 2 of them are Betty Boop and bags! So I of course made her a Betty Boop bag! :) It's very cute!

June 07, 2010

I rock!

So I haven't been able to do my goal #1 yet because I haven't had to buy any gifts yet!

I also haven't had time to update my website or start my etsy shop yet. I am going to do a little reading on etsy before I just hop right in there.

I did call the quilting shop (well my mom was there today to get her machine) so I have my lesson setup for July 22!

On the plus side I have sold 2 dresses online! :)

I did totally do my sewing room though. It looks so pretty! \

This picture is my satin, fur, fleece, flannel, and random other stuff like felt or terry cloth. The little shelf has onesies, pillowcases, and stuff that is in progress! You can also see some done bows that are purple! :)

This is the inside of my sewing cabinet I just got! :) For free! My grandma didn't want it anymore and decided to give it to me! :)


This is in my closet! It has all my remnants in it! Plastic bags, and my bias tape maker is in there too! The drawers have patches, appliques, satin binding, and my lace, and ruffle trims!

This is a bunch of thread, a wedding picture, and all of my cotton!

This is 1 of my machines, not my spify new 1, and my cutting table!

I was in there ALL day yesterday... folding and putting stuff away! I actually organized! While I was doing that Robert was rearranging the living room! It's great! I love it! It makes the living room seem sooooo much bigger and gives Kayden lots of space to crawl around and be crazy! He likes it too!
June 05, 2010

A Few Goals

So I have made a few goals for myself. I joined a craft forum to learn new things and hopefully get some great marketing and pricing info form all the great people in there.

It's fun to talk to these people! I have been staring at their items on Ebay forever... and then when they all moved over to etsy I oogled them there too!

So my goals to help my business, and myself!

#1)Make as many handmade gifts as possible instead of buying them. It comes fromthe heart shows I care and gives me more practice.

#2) Clean up my sewing room! (again) it's gotten messy again! I really need some places to store all the amazing fabrics I have... maybe a trip to big lots of something like that is in order for a bookshelf to help me get them all in 1 place and organized!

#3) Get my Etsy cart setup! I think this would help get me new customers and sales! Which I really need right now! :)

#4) Update my website! My super amazing husband worked so hard on getting that website done for me!

#5) Get my ass to the quilting shop I bought my new machine form that sews and embroiders! Cost me a pretty penny! Learn how to use it. I couldn't even figure out how to thread the damn thing!

I plan on working on all of these things this weekend! Wish me luck hahaha.
June 03, 2010

What once was ____ is now ___!

So I decided to do a little post... what once was _____ is now ___!

I started with 2 pillowcases that I got from goodwill they were so bad ass I just had to get them! Here is a picture of 1 of the pillowcases before!

I did a little cutting..then some folding, then some sewing. A little more cutting and a little more sewing and got this! Added a little ribbon which I always have on hand!

What once was a my little pony pillowcase is now a child's long skirt and matching purse! :)

I thought the purse turned out damn cute the skirt was OK I decided to add a few pleats and they weren't straight :( I have never added a pleat to a skirt or dress though... so I suppose it was a learning experience. Given the chance to do it over I could make it much cuter! The 1st try usually isn't the most amazing.but I tried.

My next pillowcase was some little boys totally bad ass and well used batman pillowcase! I had fun with this one... and I decided that this is totally for me!

So once again I did some cutting, sewing, cutting, folding, sewing, cutting, and glue! Yes, Glue! What did I get?

I thought the my little pony one was so cute I decided to make myself this totally rad batman one! Dolled it up a little with a cute bow (that where I used glue) and some rad ribbon for the straps! It's like an organza with double sided satin edges!

So what once was a bad ass well used batman pillowcase is now my bad ass and totally new to me tote bag!
June 01, 2010

Fugly to Fab!

So Attack of the Craft (a forum for crafters which is pretty cool so far) is doing a cool contest. It's Turn Fugly into Fabulous! You have to go to the thrift store and find something fugly... the fuglier the better! Then you turn it into something fabulous! It has to be a new item fresh from the thrift store! Bonus points are awarded if you can transform it into something it was not intended for! The use the example of a shirt into a lampshade! Not DIY shirt into a hoodie!

So I though oohhh this sounds fun! Went to the thrift store today got a few things I wanted to pick up anyways and got my fugly item. I don't know if it's really fugly but it's totally gay and pretty pointless I can't see any of my friends thinking ooh that's cool! I spent $4 on my fugly at the thrift store.. then I spent $1 on something to doll it up! and I had the other few things I decided to use.... it cost me less than $3.. so the total out of pocket for my item was less than $8!

I'm pretty excited about it I just hope it comes out looking as cool as it does in my head! I was bummed 1 thing I wanted to find for it they didn't have :( One of those T-shit buckles form the late 80s early 90s (like pic below)! So I will have to figure something else out! :(

Stay tuned for my awesome fugly to fab entry I'm working on it tonight!