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July 28, 2011

Coupons.. they really do help!

I posted about coupons here before because it seems like coupons fit great with a DIY life! I need to get some pictures of my awesome coupon folder! Also of some of the awesome stuff I score for cheap or free!

Since I am a SAHM and just work on Etsy I don't tend to always make tooo much money. My husband works full time but doesn't make great money. We barely scrape by! We used to grocery shop 1 time a month and would spend about $250. We would have to make a few more trips in between for small stuff like milk and fresh fruit or veggies. By the end of the month we were spending about $300 a month to feed a family of 3.

Since I started using coupons I have cut our grocery bill down to $160 a month! Plus we have started a mini stockpile! It's nothing like the crazy stuff you see on TV. No way!

I will get pictures of my normal looking stock pile soon!

Any ways I was tracking how much money I saved in July and I saved over $800! That is awesome I say. This new coupon thing is awesome. At the end of the month we still have food to eat ant it has allowed us to restructure our budget and save more money! I hope to pay off some debt soon!

So here is what I have to say.. I am the most unorganized person ever. I somehow manage to cut coupons and organize them and plan awesome shopping trip and save more than $800 a month!

I have been sewin and crafting like CRAZY. I will update on that stuff soon!