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February 28, 2011

Want a quickie?

It's been a while and I promised to blog more this year! So I just wanted to give a little update...

and to tell people that I do not count my hair accessories, bows, flowers, and clips as crafts on my counting list. I make at least 30 a week! This week I made about 200! WOAH!

I did get anew apron done though so I will post that! I also made 2 little displays for my earnings which are amazing! I will post both my cool displays and earrings soon! Until then here is my new apron and counter thingys!

You can find the apron on my Etsy here! It is amazing. So far my fav apron I ever made!

February 18, 2011

The aprons I promised!

Here are the 2 aprons I made that I promised to post. Even though no one reads my blog someday people will! Both aprons are available in my Etsy right now!!

The first is zebra.. everyone loves zebra print!!

Next up is this HOT PINK apron that has some super cool embroidery! It has a spoon, spatula, and whisk! I LOVE the way it came out.. perfect for baking and cooking!

I have finished 1 apron and have 2 more almost done but again that will be posted another day!
February 10, 2011

Some upcycled crafts and more!

So... as all of you should know I am a member of attackofthecraft.com The most awesome DIY forum around. I mean there are tons of awesome people in there full of advise and lots of stuff you want to spend all the money you don't have on!

Once a month we do swaps.. they have a theme and you craft something awesome for the person you are assigned and mail them a special gift! When your comes it's like Christmas to see your totally awesome stuff! Jans theme was upcycled!

I made my partner a few things but I am showing off 2 of them! The 1st is this awesome apron. I made it out of a pillowcase! Cute right?!

Next was this bowl! I love it.. I think I might start selling them. It started as a wood bowl from the thrift store. Here is the before and after!

I covered it with pages from a Star Wars book!

I also finished 2 aprons last night but I will post them another day! Here is my update for my crafty and sewing count! It does count the aprons I will post later!