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August 20, 2010

It's been so long I know!

Sorry it's been so long. I have made tons of new stuff I just haven't posted it in here. You can see it all at MY ESTY

But I did participate in the 2nd Saturdays and Sundays too even at SwapSmart. 4255 W Thunderbird Rd. This is the 3rd month I took part in this event. Sadly I did HORRIBLE. I spent more money than I made.

The 1st thing I did was pay to have an ad in a free newspaper in September. It is called Billards Table Talk

So everyone make sure to check your bars hotels whatever in September to see my ad! They print 10,000 copies so lets all REALLY hope that it does well for me. They compete with the New Times.. which all my AZ friend know is super bad ass. Heres to hoping it wasn't a waste of my hard earned money!

I did buy some really cool art though. It was spray painted onto an old record. YAY for upcycling! It was $20 for both of these and they will go perfect in my pool table room! Since I am decorating it Old Hollywood. You can get one or look at the others by clicking HERE!

I have some wholesale packs in the SwapSmart aisle A in the craft mall on consignment so please make sure to stop by! Amazing wholesale prices for everyone!

And I have lots of cool pre-made things at Girlfriends Craft House located at 7163 N. 58th Drive in Historic Glendale. So make sure you go there too! Here is my booth!

And well that is about all for right now. So I will leave you with this picture of the lovely Maddy in a pretty picture wearing one of my pretty $1 flowers!