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July 22, 2010

I can't sew!

Oh no! I can't sew! Well at least until Aug 5th when I get my lesson for my new machine. I'm so sad.

My older machine that I have been using isn't working too well right now. I need to take it in a get it serviced!

I got that bad boy in 2000! It's very sad I know. SO I hope my lesson doesn't get canceled again!

On the plus side I got the Etsy supplies shop up and running! :) See it HERE

I'm going to the place that I am taking my lesson at this weekend so I'll make sure they didn't change it again.

I am working on getting flower like this for my shop. Aren't they cute?

July 12, 2010

A few Craft show reviews

Hi! Sorry it's been a while I've been busy! I just wanted to post 2 quick reviews for 2 craft shows I attended.

The first one is Art in the Park. This is located at Wheeler Park in Flagstaff, AZ. I attended this show same as I do every year but I did not have a booth here. This year was a pretty good year! There were lots of new vendors there. I attended the 4th of July weekend there. :)

This show is great! All the vendors are friendly and the work is amazing. There are lots of expensive things there and many reasonable items there as well.

Here are tho goodies I got!
The frame has my son's name in it.. Kayden :) I was excited he had it spelled right! He does custom orders and bigger frames for wedding and ext. You can email him at dkocchi@gmail.com

The bobby pins are cute silver bobby pins.. the same ones I use on my hair accessories! with blow glass on them! There were tons of cool ones there I got these 2 and my mom got 3! :) I love them. They also have earrings and other jewelry there! The website is glennsglass.com but looks like they don't have anything up.

I also got pasta.. I got 4 of them but only pictured 1. I have purchased this pasta before and it is the BEST! You could order some for yourself at http://www.deciopasta.com Decio Pasta is the best! :) mmmmm

I also participated in 2nd Saturdays and Sundays too at SwapSmart! It is the 2nd month they have done this event and the 2nd time I was a part of it.

This show is cool. There is tons of stuff to buy there. There are always normal vendors that have booths set up there with all kinds of things for sale and food.. including Hello Cupcake the BEST cupcakes! :)

When the craft people are there it's fun. Everything is nicely made and totally affordable! The vendors are all nice and it's great to sit by them for 18 hours! :)

I got this rad cigar box purse! I love Marilyn Monroe! I love it! It's so pretty and the best part is the lady who made it.. her name is Norma Jean! :) I don't have a website for her. :( Sorry.

That's all for now guys! Will talk to you soon!