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September 23, 2010

Hello everyone!

I know I haven't posted in a while! I'm sorry. I've been busy! Being a rockstar and what now. haha.

I have some new really awesome aprons posted up on my Etsy and website. :) SO make sure you check it out. I got the most amazing Dr Seuss fabric! :)

I have lots of others up there too that are also AMAZING! So CLICK HERE and go check it out! :)

I also posted some Halloween and spooky hair stuff that is amazing... totally bad ass for everyone! :) I of course have more than that up there too! So yea!

I am in the process of making something new and really totally amazing... lip balm! Most people don't know yet! So feel lucky to read this! It;s going to be good. They will all be free of petroleum witch 99% of other lip balms have.. and it's bad for you! It actually dries out your lips! EAW! I do have my 1st batch of them done but I need to get labels on them!

I sre hope everyone remembers to buy handmade! Support your local artists not Wal-Mart and other giant crappy corporations!

Bye for now! Will be back soon this time!