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October 14, 2010

Busy bee

Whew.. I have been a busy girl! I love you fall sales! :) It's been great.

Here is what is on my custom orders plate right now:

3 adult Dr Seuss Aprons
1 Skeleton Apron
1 Red adult tutu
1 adult red and black tutu
3 Children's blankets
2 Adult blankets
large towel set

That is just my Orders for October!!

I have a few for November too!

So my time is sooo full!

So all that plus helping my mom with the supplies! We run her Etsy page and a booth at the SwapSmart at 43rd Ave and Thunderbird. That has been pretty fun. It got me 2 of my custom orders up there!

I just finished this custom order.. isn't it cute!

Can't wait to embroider some more stuff!

Kayden has been soooo horribly sick! Isn't that sad! :( Strep throat.. then he had to get 9 shots in 1 day! His poor arm hurts! I got 3 hours of sleep last night with Kayden in my bed. He was up screaming all night!