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April 18, 2011

I suck!!

I haven;t update in a while I suck! At least I have a reason! I have been making stuff like crazy! I have made about 100 ring, and over 200 pairs of earrings! I do not count those in my crafting or sewing counters by the way. Along with about 400 hair flowers!!!! WOW! I also have more than 100 listings in my Etsy now!

Even better news is that I have over 100 sales in my Etsy now too! YAY! 103 as of right now!

So here are 2 new aprons and 3 embroidered clips! I counted this as 5 of the 17 new things in my sewing count!!

Here is 1 of the craft things I did! It's a Lost Boys box! Keifer Sutherland made a sexy vampire I think!

YAY! As for the rest of the items I made here is a list

I made 2 garters for my sisters wedding, 2 cowboys aprons, a pair of PJ pants, another Dr Seuss apron, and 6 other embroidery designs! They will be turned into clips soon.

As for crafting I did an I hair bow holder for my friends daughters bday! I will get a pic soon. I also did a star for my room! I will get a pic of that too!

That;s it for now. Make sure to check out my Etsy! For all my new goodies. I will make another post this week with earrings and hair stuffs!