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May 25, 2011


I know this is not a craft post but I figure it's closely related. I started watching Extreme Couponing.. (Man I am getting old) and I though.. wow.. I want free stuff!! In AZ it's much harder to get carts full of stuff for free since our stores limit items to 3. Still we can save some money though! We can still get some stuff for free or damn close to it!

I started this a few weeks ago but only got 3-4 things at a time. Today I went for a bigger trip! I looked at a website for some great deals.. It's a pretty awesome blog! http://www.savingcentswithsense.net

Then I got all my coupons organized and headed to the store. I looked at sales prices and then checked to see if I had coupons for it! It's pretty easy and I am famous for not being the most organized person you have ever met!

Some great deals I got today was 3 women's Suave deodorants for a total of $.18, 3 Degree deodorants for a total of $.75. Body wash for $.67 each. Mens Gillette body was for $1.50. $2.64 for shampoo and conditioner! Tabasco sauce for $.67 each! Hot Dogs were 4 packs for $.68! Thats good stuff right! I saved $50.00 today with coupons!

So I think if coupons is something you have thought of go head and try it! It's not that hard!

Here is some crafty awesome for you though... because I know you want to see it! Everything shows is available right now in my Etsy! :) HERE!