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August 08, 2011

I am on a roll!

Look at me go! I am remembering to blog! Now I just need to get some more followers right? How does one do that?

I just wanted to share some more stuff! :)

So first I crafted 30 bars of this soap for my sisters bridal shower! It was fun to do but it was time consuming. So I am in fact counting all 30 as an item each on my crafting counting! I cheated kinda and used melt and pour soap but I added die and fragrance. Then I tied ribbon around each one and put it in a little box that I did not get pics of!

Then remember those pretty sewing room pictures I posted before? They are DEAD! My little sister moved in with us so I had to move my whole room from a bedroom where I had 4 walls and a closet to the family room where I have 1 wall no closet and a pool table. The hours I spend in there cleaning it up isn't helping! There just isn't any place to put stuff right now. I need to figure something out!

Yea that is CRAZY right? I am shoving things into my bedroom but it's just making my bedroom look like chaos and my new sewing room! Ahhhh! Someone help me please!

Also the sewing stuff I have done is awesome! Have no fear! :) Well except 1 thing that my embroidery machine TOTALLY ruined. I cried!