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February 10, 2011

Some upcycled crafts and more!

So... as all of you should know I am a member of attackofthecraft.com The most awesome DIY forum around. I mean there are tons of awesome people in there full of advise and lots of stuff you want to spend all the money you don't have on!

Once a month we do swaps.. they have a theme and you craft something awesome for the person you are assigned and mail them a special gift! When your comes it's like Christmas to see your totally awesome stuff! Jans theme was upcycled!

I made my partner a few things but I am showing off 2 of them! The 1st is this awesome apron. I made it out of a pillowcase! Cute right?!

Next was this bowl! I love it.. I think I might start selling them. It started as a wood bowl from the thrift store. Here is the before and after!

I covered it with pages from a Star Wars book!

I also finished 2 aprons last night but I will post them another day! Here is my update for my crafty and sewing count! It does count the aprons I will post later!