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January 27, 2011

My Angry Girl Corset

I thought I would show off something great today. I got my Angry Girl Gear corset today. To see it on a hot model or to buy your own click here!

I love the corset. It is made so well I don't think it will fall apart anytime soon! The lines are straight and perfect! I was only a little sad because it wasn't as long as I asked and for that reason I can't move in it often without showing my gut to everyone. :( But my friend won the contest that I made him enter and it was free! So hell yea! Beautiful clothing for free!!

Here are pics of front and back!

Great right! :)

Also I thought I would say that my goal for 2010 is more DIY stuff. I want to make 1 sewed items and week and 1 crafted item a week! That is 52 of each.. here are some cute little buttons to show you where I am at right now!

So I would recommend buying Angry Girl Gear!! I also need to get some more sewing and crafting done!