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October 05, 2011

Finally new stuff!

Though I have listed lots of new earrings in my shop I haden't listed any new sewn stuff in forever! So I finally got some new stuff made! Even better is I have a work room again! It took about 9 hours and $100! Whatever it was worth it! I am in heaven!

Remember the room before?

This is the after! Well afters!

Awesome right! Oh it feels so good!!

Here are some new aprons that are all in my Etsy right now!

Also some new earrings!!

Here are my counters! I have beat my sewing goal for the year and I am only 2 away from my crafting goal! I have a big project that I will start soon.. and I am 1/2 done with Roberts anniversary gift! (Our anniversary was Sep 17!) I promised him he could have it before Christmas! I also plan on making one of those craft felt play mats!!