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October 24, 2011


Since I make hair stuff I have lots of hair stuff. I do not have as much as you think BUT I do have a lot. I also get them as gifts from other friends who make stuff.

So here is my hair stuff holders!

See it's full! I had lots of stuff that I didn't have room to hang up. :( I left them in an ugly box! How upsetting is that.


All better!! :) I found these little wooden stars at Hobby Lobby last year. They were on sale 8 for $1.00! So I bought a bunch knowing that I would find something cool to do with them! So 3 stars, some scrap book paper, ribbon, d-rings, and mod podge and bam! Isn't it so much better? I love having all my stuff up and pretty!

Here is the update to my counters!