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January 04, 2011

Well Hello there!

Hi all you people I wish would read my blog!

I just wanted to post some of my goals for 2011.

1. Grow KMD and make some money!
2. Help my mom grow WFRB supplies!
3. Lose 40 pounds by September!

I will save everyone from dull posts about stuff but I will make sure to keep people up to date!

I got some aprons done this week and have them posted in my Etsy shop! WOO HOO!

Also here are some cool finds from the thrift store. I will post afters when I get something done with them!

The back has 10 light switch covers in it. I think that will be pretty fun. THis mini shelf! Each of them were 1/2 off!

Mini vintage serving tray, and this package... it has some sort of vinyl things in it but it also had 2 things of powdered Mod Podge.. YAY!

This is my FAV thing... and autographed AC Green pic... how awesome is that? I love the Suns and 90s Suns were so fab! My dad is jealous.

Then finally.... the paint on this is I don't know.. it's REALLY ugly but kinda looks like a bathroom I think haha. I just had to get it though.. I could see all the potential and I LOVE LOVE boxes. I collect them!