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January 14, 2011

I'm sleepy

I live in chaos! My house is always a mess I am always a mess and my husband is always mad his clothes aren't clean. So this week I have been picking 1 thing (well at least 1 thing) everyday and cleaning it. I am feeling a lot better already because the house is really coming along.

Now if there was some sort or laundry fairy that would be the best!

Yea... well that's my talking for to days blog... here are some Xmas gifts I made.. now that everyone has their gifts I can post pics!!

My big sister and her fiance got stocking with their names embroidered on them!

Along with these super cute embroidered cop and nurse skulls! I cut them out and turned them into ornaments but I do NOT have a picture of that :(

My mom got this amazing apron in pink and brown! It has a flower, ribbon, and button on it.. cuz her business name is Wholesale Flowers Ribbons and Buttons! :) Get it? The button is supposed to look like a glitter dot that we sell but MUCH larger so you can see it. I made it out of a vnyl record that I heated up cut and glittered!

My little sister got some awesome towels! Oh yea! She's moving out soon so she needs something to get dry with!

These are Kayden's towels.. Sponge Bob! :) He did not get them for Xmas though.. hes had them for a while now!

I also made 6 blankets for family and a full Elvis apron for my grandma! I don't have pics of those... sorry. :(