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June 05, 2010

A Few Goals

So I have made a few goals for myself. I joined a craft forum to learn new things and hopefully get some great marketing and pricing info form all the great people in there.

It's fun to talk to these people! I have been staring at their items on Ebay forever... and then when they all moved over to etsy I oogled them there too!

So my goals to help my business, and myself!

#1)Make as many handmade gifts as possible instead of buying them. It comes fromthe heart shows I care and gives me more practice.

#2) Clean up my sewing room! (again) it's gotten messy again! I really need some places to store all the amazing fabrics I have... maybe a trip to big lots of something like that is in order for a bookshelf to help me get them all in 1 place and organized!

#3) Get my Etsy cart setup! I think this would help get me new customers and sales! Which I really need right now! :)

#4) Update my website! My super amazing husband worked so hard on getting that website done for me!

#5) Get my ass to the quilting shop I bought my new machine form that sews and embroiders! Cost me a pretty penny! Learn how to use it. I couldn't even figure out how to thread the damn thing!

I plan on working on all of these things this weekend! Wish me luck hahaha.