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June 12, 2010

Craft Show

I'm doing a craft show this weekend... and when let me tell you.. IT SUCKS. There are TONS of people coming in but they aren't buying. The worst part is there is probably about 10 people there with hair bows or flowers... Sometimes I wish shows would care about the people not just the booth fee.

It's annoying when there are so many of the same vendor there. Makes you not want to come back.

Not making any money also makes you not want to come back.

Technically I am i the red. I had some money but not enough to cover my booth fee and my supplies.

Fall/winter can't come soon enough! When there will be some good shows.

I guess I need to get to the drawing board! Figure out something I can make that is unique.

Wish me luck on tomorrow! I'll be there 8 hours!

Also I totally got some items listed in my Etsy. Fianlly!