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June 10, 2010

My Grandma

So I made a just because I love you gift for my grandma. I was talking to Robert the other day about all the sewing and crafts I used to do with my grandma. She is the most amazing grandma! She is the one who taught me how to sew!

She always let me pick out the fabric even if it wasn't the best choice for my project! She always helped my creativity!

Some of the sewing projects we made together.. a bean bag frog, an open back shirt for Mel (whoops I chose totally sea through fabric!), a yellow halter top for me, a wrap skirt (that I insisted I use sponge Bob flannel on), a paper organizer it held paper pens all kinds of good stuff, a baby doll blanket, and there was more I just can't remember!

We did lots of fun crafts too! Made all sorts of things to make a little girl happy! She took me to Creative Memories classes forever ago to teach me how to scrapbook! Not to mention Peter Piper Pizza! MMMM!

Well my grandma loves lots of things.... 2 of them are Betty Boop and bags! So I of course made her a Betty Boop bag! :) It's very cute!