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June 03, 2010

What once was ____ is now ___!

So I decided to do a little post... what once was _____ is now ___!

I started with 2 pillowcases that I got from goodwill they were so bad ass I just had to get them! Here is a picture of 1 of the pillowcases before!

I did a little cutting..then some folding, then some sewing. A little more cutting and a little more sewing and got this! Added a little ribbon which I always have on hand!

What once was a my little pony pillowcase is now a child's long skirt and matching purse! :)

I thought the purse turned out damn cute the skirt was OK I decided to add a few pleats and they weren't straight :( I have never added a pleat to a skirt or dress though... so I suppose it was a learning experience. Given the chance to do it over I could make it much cuter! The 1st try usually isn't the most amazing.but I tried.

My next pillowcase was some little boys totally bad ass and well used batman pillowcase! I had fun with this one... and I decided that this is totally for me!

So once again I did some cutting, sewing, cutting, folding, sewing, cutting, and glue! Yes, Glue! What did I get?

I thought the my little pony one was so cute I decided to make myself this totally rad batman one! Dolled it up a little with a cute bow (that where I used glue) and some rad ribbon for the straps! It's like an organza with double sided satin edges!

So what once was a bad ass well used batman pillowcase is now my bad ass and totally new to me tote bag!