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June 07, 2010

I rock!

So I haven't been able to do my goal #1 yet because I haven't had to buy any gifts yet!

I also haven't had time to update my website or start my etsy shop yet. I am going to do a little reading on etsy before I just hop right in there.

I did call the quilting shop (well my mom was there today to get her machine) so I have my lesson setup for July 22!

On the plus side I have sold 2 dresses online! :)

I did totally do my sewing room though. It looks so pretty! \

This picture is my satin, fur, fleece, flannel, and random other stuff like felt or terry cloth. The little shelf has onesies, pillowcases, and stuff that is in progress! You can also see some done bows that are purple! :)

This is the inside of my sewing cabinet I just got! :) For free! My grandma didn't want it anymore and decided to give it to me! :)


This is in my closet! It has all my remnants in it! Plastic bags, and my bias tape maker is in there too! The drawers have patches, appliques, satin binding, and my lace, and ruffle trims!

This is a bunch of thread, a wedding picture, and all of my cotton!

This is 1 of my machines, not my spify new 1, and my cutting table!

I was in there ALL day yesterday... folding and putting stuff away! I actually organized! While I was doing that Robert was rearranging the living room! It's great! I love it! It makes the living room seem sooooo much bigger and gives Kayden lots of space to crawl around and be crazy! He likes it too!